ZyloWolfBane (zylowolfbane) wrote in enix_exiles,

Diablo 2

Is there any of you out there capable and willing to play some diablo 2 in a closed game on open B-net?

If so gimme a buzz on AIM my name there is the same as this.

I thought maybe TUG for sure would but I dunno if you even have D2 or not.

Anyways talk to ya all later.

Btw where the hell ARE all of you hiding? only asaki seems to be around anymore....not that is a bad thing dude =)
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Not a legal copy. But that might change, I just might buy the set just in case. Same with Neverwinter Nights, which is, IMO, much better than D2 anyday. Also has some sick mods out for it that D2 can't spread even an inkling of smoke around.

Oh, I'm also going to get Dungeon Siege 2 at some point soon, so consider that game.
On another note, I'm also playing FF11 currently, this time to stay, I want a bloody blue mage when the next expansion comes out. Also a LOT of fucking people are coming back from World of Warcrap. Yes, WoW is by far the worst fucking game ever. It's beyond annoying how simplistic it is, as in, you should just write a bot program for it, and watch it, and make it function differently based on certain enemies, and use that as a TV like program.

It's more fun watching the game play than actualy "playing" it. Oh ya, you don't really play it, you click things, and while that's liken to most pc rpgs, there is a complete lack of depth, challenge, sense of purpose. Just walking the world is boring. Ya, great visuals, but what's the point. Also the quest system, which is a cool concept, since it's better implemented than most games, is too easy, and is really completely level based, which sucks, there should be more room for ingenuity.