Alex, TUG, Iggy (behind_the_word) wrote in enix_exiles,
Alex, TUG, Iggy

Challenge, if you dare.

Well fuck it all. I suppose might as well shed some light on this little attempt at reinvigorating the old Enix family.

Ahem. I challenge everyone here to a class-less Dragon Warrior 7 contest. One in which you do not DIE once. Though, if you know the township trick, you can use that for help, since by the last island you'll really be wishing for uber weapons and armour due to your sheer lack of prowess from lack of decent skills and magic.


Then possibly, a Heaven's Sword Trilogy challenge. Finish all three games, Soul Blade/Blazer, Illusion of Time/Gaia, and Terranigma without dieing once, and without power leveling.

Wahahaha, though I think DW7 will be much more challenging, as Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia are insanely easy.
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