Alex, TUG, Iggy (behind_the_word) wrote in enix_exiles,
Alex, TUG, Iggy

Ruination is my way of life it seems

As everything I touch, it turns to black. People don't want to be around, or be near me. I seem to have a habit of late of, instead of creating, destroying or scaring away what I touch.

I feel no different, but I've noticed that everything around me, everything I've known past and present, seems less likely to want to be around me, and my life becomes more and more seclusive.

I've done that to this message forum, and I know some people are more than likely pissed off at me, if not upset or feeling more reclusive, a need to keep away, or maybe a need or hope that I will fade out and they can forget me.

So here's to everyone I knew at enix that's decided to just leave this dead because of me: obviously you never really wanted it to happen, so why did you even bother?

And if you have anything to say to me, go ahead, hit me, I'm obviously so far removed from each and everyone of you I seem to be an afterthought, so why not just get it out now. Otherwise I'm just going to assume you no longer care.
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