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this isn't exactly quantum physics!

Everybody else is posting their favourite memories of the forums and so shall I!

I'll also try to avoid getting too melodramatic, even though retrospection practically demands it. Also, in case anybody doesn't know, I was Scorp / The_Scorp_3K / The_Scorp_4K.

- The first Quantum Physics thread. There was a time when posting in this thread was considered part of the criteria to be an "official member". More importantly, it marked the time where Darian and I stopped being so antagonistic; even if the catalyst was actualy darky's disapproval of one or both of us. Funny how that works.

- Radiohead Man! I challenge you to a duel to the death! I shall have my honour!

- Enix Local Admin, Local Enix Admin, et al.

- The rollover bears mention. Finding a page full of topics saying "what the hell is happening???" with mo constantly posting "STOP MAKING NEW THREADS YOU FUCKING IDIOTS" was rather amusing in hindsight, even if at the time it was entirely disastrous. It could also have been considered foreshadowing to the much larger tragedy of 2003.

- Nob's arrival. The subsequent disbelief by the majority followed almost immediately by ass-kissing. I can't remember if I was a part of the latter but I know I was part of the former, so I won't judge here.

- Nob's departure. He banned himself. Has there been a more bad-arse admin since? I submit that there has not.

- Bennettt2 / Elletasha. This issue divided the forum more than any other, I believe. Most hated him / them before the IP trick revealed that they were posting from the same computer. I had a direct involvement in this issue and I'm still not sure where I stand.

- Long-winded debates. Even if in the end it got very silly, with me typing up huge thousand-word essays on the demise of Nintendo and then going on to criticise the grammar of the new members. I was a real arsehole during a certain period of 2002, but there were still some great discussions which came of it.

- Speaking of which: fuck you, wanker!

- The Battle Arena threads. There was a lot of conflict, but it was still memorable.

I could go on, but it would be silly. Mostly, I miss the community. Which is why I date the end of Enix not at the deletion of the Enix forum, but at the deletion of the first TSU forum. After that Nob, Justin, Bob, Ciba, Darian and a number of other people retreated back into the woodwork, and the community was essentially lost. With no other connections outside of an internet forum, it was practically inevitable, but saddening nevertheless. People grew up; people left college and people entered college. Whether or not we'd still post on Enix today if the forum had survived is a good question. Personally, I don't think we would have. Its death would have much more natural, and maybe the community would still have survived, but the closure of the Enix forums did not mark the closure of the Enix community, at least not in my eyes.

There's really only one thing left to say.

*makes Iced Coffee*

Enix ownz j00!

That is all.
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