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Now, I wasn't one of the "August" registers in the original forums, but I came on early enough to get to know the core chatters on the General Board (February, I think). To be quite honest, I stumbled into it because I got stuck on my new copy of DW1&2 and was browsing that board for an item location. I didn't come back to stay for a few weeks or months (I can't remember).

My favorite Enix moment would have to be that time RHM and Scorp each took me out on a date. That was sweet shit. Then there was my marriage to Silent K, the credit for Dam's nickname, my FF8 Rant (which can now be found on my website), Kenshin's Battle Arena 1-4 (even after that nasty falling out, I do look back fondly of it), My Spelling and Grammar 101 Lessons, my mean and angry Half-Wit thread, and of course mo's Quest for a Life, which I should really get around to finishing. Maybe I'll do it here if enough people show up.

I played the original Dragon Warrior for NES when I was like 10. My brother got it with his Nintendo Power subscription. I've been a loyal Enix fan for a long time, but not Squenix. Squenix can suck it.

I miss the old boards... This reminiscing is making me sad now...
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